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Commerical solar PV system

Commerical solar PV system Brief Description..

Kensington trade fabrications are actively looking to reduce the carbon impact of there manufacturing process, installing solar PV provides them with an annual reduction of 23 tonnes of carbon dioxide

Package plantrooms

Package plantrooms Brief Description..

Our design and build of bespoke containerised plant with all types of boilers for all types of projects.

Installation of heating and laundry equipment

Installation of heating and laundry equipment Brief Description..

After 60 years of production from their factory at Giltbrook in Nottinghamshire started by Mr Jackson Snr, they have moved to a new purpose built factory in Ilkeston.

Hot water installation

Hot water installation Brief Description..

We were asked to design a low running cost hot water system for Amber valley Rugby Club, there old system was coming towards the end of its life and they were looking towards reducing there running costs.

Commercial boiler replacement

Commercial boiler replacement Brief Description..

The old boiler system consisted of two old cast iron boilers with an efficiency of around 70% and required modernisation......

Residential Solar PV

Residential Solar PV Brief Description..

our aim is to provide you with a secure and sustainable energy future enabling you to take control of your energy costs with the installation of solar PV.

Solar panel systems Solar panel systems capture the sunís energy using photovoltaic cells. They donít need direct sunlight to work Ė they still generate electricity on a cloudy day. The cells convert the sunlight
into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances and lighting.


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