Package plantrooms

Package plantrooms
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Our design and build of bespoke containerised plant with all types of boilers for all types of projects.

Constructed using standard road going container sizes, off loaded on site using a lorry mounted Hi-Habb for easy delivery

Ferroli is flavour of the month at specialist chocolate manufacturer Classic Couverture, along with heating contractors Heating & Process Engineering Services heatpro who designed and engineered a creative heating solution around Ferroli’s new E-Concept boiler.

Classic Couverture operates from a purpose-built factory, producing high grade chocolate for the confectionery industry to exacting specifications. Their production processes require precisely the correct operating temperature, and rely on continuous heat source.
“Due to the success of the business, the plant has expanded to meet increased demand, which placed additional load on the conventional heating equipment,” explains John Greenhalgh, Consultant Engineer to Classic Couverture.

“A detailed survey of the total factory hot water system undertaken in 2003 resulted in a phased improvement plan, with a particular recommendation to replace the boiler plant.”

According to John Greenhalgh, the company faced three problems. The thermal capacity of the boiler was inadequate, it was being operated at a low temperature causing significant condensation to occur, and was a single unit with no standby facility – a key consideration as failure would have been critical to the plant.

Classic Couverture therefore carried out a competitive tender procedure, selecting Ferroli’s new E-Concept boiler for the new heating installation.”The decision was based on cost / benefits rather than lowest tender,” John Greenhalgh confirms. “The Ferroli E-Concept units are modular in design which meant that we could select boiler capacity to suit the plant requirements, and also the modular approach gave us a degree of redundancy as the four interconnected boiler units each have two independent heat exchangers – so if one fails, seven others are still operable.”

However, a problem still remained. Despite the compact profile of the Ferroli E-Concept boiler, the existing location of the heating plant was not capable of
accommodating a new modular system comprising four linked units.

At that point, Ferroli’s Commercial Divisional Director Darren Finley brought in heatpro and together developed a packaged containerised unit that could be assembled off-site then simply loaded onto a concrete base. The Ferroli E-Concept boiler was pre-wired, with electrical supplies and services connected to predetermined positions.

The change over to the new plant took less than 48 hours due to the high level of pre-engineering undertaken, and the unit was installed and commissioned over the Christmas period, minimising factory downtime.
John Greenhalgh reports that the Ferroli E-Concept boiler system has been operating on a 24/7 basis continuously since installation. He says fault finding has not been an issue with few faults arising – and the majority of these have been external elements to the boiler plant.

“The solution offered by Ferroli and heatpro was first class,” he concludes, “and attention to detail has been excellent.”
Commenting on the Classic Couverture solution, Steve Allitt, a Director of heatpro said: “We have been working with Ferroli since their launch in the UK commercial market two years ago.

They have a very good boiler range compared to their competitors, and are prepared to try new solutions for customers. We were delighted to work in collaboration with Ferroli on this highly successful project.”
Established in Italy almost fifty years ago, Ferroli is one of the fastest growing and most successful heating appliance manufacturers in the world, with nine ultra modern factories across Europe and newly acquired facilities in China. Ferroli Commercial Division has built a reputation for quality, reliability and outstanding service since its launch into the UK only two years ago.


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