Industrial Applications

Design and supply of steam boiler plant, blow down receivers, hotwell condensate return systems, process control and water treatment for boiler feed.
Thermal Fluid System design operating at temperatures up to 340ºC, pipework systems and process temperature control.

Sub loop systems for control of temperature to reactor vessels to within 0.5ºC.

Design of concrete curing systems using steam heating with product sensing for controlled ramp rate of temperature to avoid cracking on large pipe sections up to 3m diameter 5.5m long.

Cooling TowerChilled water system for quench cooling of hot bitumen coated cast steel product.
Cooling tower installation and design of pumping and pipework for various process and controlled process cooling.

Cooling Tower

A system designed and installed for an automated process water cleaning system, removing the requirement for settling beds, with a total flow rate of 600,000 litres of water every hour.


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