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Why rent your roof for 'free' electricity when you could earn upto 11.8% annually over the next 25 years with an index linked tax free income.

You may have had an offer for ‘free solar PV’ fitted to your roof, it is an offer that sounds almost too good to refuse, with all the recent advertising and publicity surrounding these schemes I am sure that you have heard of these offers and thought what’s the catch?

What they're after is the super-lucrative "feed-in-tariffs" (Fits) worth £600 to £800 a year for a typical residential installation.

So what is the 'free' deal?

If you can't raise the finances to install solar panels yourself, and you have a suitable roof it is, on the face of it, a great offer.

In return for signing a 25-year agreement to house the panels, you will get the electricity generated by the system during the day, assuming you're in to use it. Research shows a typical householder will save about 30% of their bill, though by changing behaviour (running washing machines etc during the day) this can increase substantially.

As electricity prices rise, the savings will grow.

What do the companies make?
In return for their investment, likely to be £4,000-£8,000 depending on the size of the system, they pocket the lucrative Fits for every unit of electricity generated.

Once you add in the export tariffs (for power not used), the total payments are worth about £600-£1,000 a year over the 20 year term.

The feed in tariff is guaranteed for 20 years, are payable via the utility company, and will rise in line with inflation. By any stretch of the imagination, the roof rental companies are making a great return by investing in your roof.

If you pay for the installation of panels yourself can you take this money?
Yes – and if you have a suitable roof, plus the ability to raise £8,000 (typical cost for a 4kW system), we recommend this is what you should do.

Current remortgaging rates are no more than around 5%-6%, and often lower, Interest on savings are typically only 2-3% with ISA’s not much better.

Effectively, customers using a company offering a 'free' solar photovoltaic system may be getting around £230 free electricity per year, but may not appreciate they are giving away a tax free, index linked income, guaranteed for 20 years which priovides a far higher return than any investment fund.


Size Of System Electrical Savings
Per Year
Total Annul Return
Per Year
Total Installed
Cost Of System
Annual Return Total Return
over 25 Years
1.5 £175.00 £421.38 £4,436.00 7.7% £8,128.00
2 £232.00 £433.49 £6,340.00 7.2% £10,837.00
2.5 £289.00 £702.31 £6,680.00 8.5% £10,837.00
3 £348.00 £650.24 £6,950.00 9.7% £16,255.00
3.5 £405.00 £758.61 £7,360.00 10.8% £18,965.00
4 £463.00 £866.98 £7,700.00 11.8% £21,675.00

If you are unable to raise the finances to have your own system installed the free solar PV schemes are a very good offer as they will help you to reduce your electricity bill, however we hope to have demonstrated that if you can raise the finances yourself solar PV is a fantastic investment that will provide you with:

A reduction in your electricity bill.

  1. Increase the value and saleability of your property.
  2. Provide a much higher return than traditional savings or investment schemes.
  3. Reduce your carbon footprint.

With ever increasing gas and electricity bills’ having solar PV installed makes complete sense as you will save money year on year.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss solar PV with you and answer any other questions you may ask simply call us on 0115 930 5838 and one of our Solar advisers will be happy to help or email us on


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